1. Programs for the foreigner students
(1) Chinese Language Program
(2) Undergraduate Program
2. Time of learning
(1) Chinese Language Program: from 3 months to 2 years
(2) Undergraduate Program: 4 years

3. Commence meant date of fall and spring term:
(1) Chinese Language Program: September 1 and March 1
(2) Undergraduate Program: September 1
4 . Courses:
(1). Chinese Language Program: Listening, Speaking, Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Audio listening, Skills on newspaper & Journal reading, exam-oriented instruction.
(2). Undergraduate Program: Referring to the courses stipulated in the list of applied major. Courses are subject to alteration in accordance with the individual requirements.
5 . Qualification of application
The applicant should abide by the laws of the People’s Republic of China and observe all rules and regulations of the University.
(1). Chinese Language Program: No age limit or Chinese language requirement.
(2) . Undergraduate Program: The student must hold the certificate of high school and Band C of intermediate level of HSK (Standardized Chinese Proficiency Test) or above. (If the student doesn’t acquire the required level of Chinese, after the arrival on our university, he must devote 3 months or one year to learn Chinese first)
6. Application and Admission Procedure
A. The “Application for admission of international students in Shanxi Agricultural University” form could be procured from the Foreign Affairs Ovvice of SAU.
The applicants should send the following documents and application fee to the Foreign Affairs Office two months prior to school terms.
(1) Completed “Application for admission of international students in Shanxi Agricultural University”
(2) Certification of health and AIDS Check.
(3) 5 2-inch-photo of applicant
B. After the application is approved, the following papers will be issued to you by our university,JW202, and Admission Notification
(1). To get a visa, the students should present these two documents to the Chinese embassy or Consulate in their home country. Participants in the programs of no more than six months' duration are expected to hold a X-status or a F-status visa. Those who will participate in programs of a longer duration (one year or more) will hold a X-status visa to get registered at SXAU.
(2) . Register on the date wrote on the Admission Notification, presenting the Admission Notification, JW202 and Certificate of health for foreigner.

7. Charges
(1). Registration fee: US$ 35 per person
(2) . Tuition rates for different programs:
Chinese Language Program: US$400 for three months study per person; US$ 700 for one semester,; US$1,400 for one year,
Undergraduate Program: one semester, US$ 700; one year, US$1,400
(3). book fee: US$ 25 per semester
(4). Accommodation and board Rate
s: US$ 2 per day per person for housing . Condition: three occupancy, phone, TV set and bathroom are provided. Double room US$ 12 per day. The board expenses in Foreigner Cafe is US$ 50 per month per person. The board expense of Student Dining Hall is US$ 40 per person.
(5). Others: Medical fees and the travel cost not included in program are covered by the applicant himself.
8. How to contact with us
(1). Tel: 0086-354-6288304
(2). Fax: 0086-354-6288303
(3). E-mail: ,
(4). Address:
Foreign Affairs Office Shanxi Agrpicultural University
Shanxi Agricultural University, Taigu, Shanxi, 030801, China
(5).Official of Foreign Affairs Office: Jin Xuejun, ZhaoHong


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